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Financial Advice

Guiding Small Business Owners and Solopreneurs Towards Financial Independence

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Why Small Business Owners:

Small Business Owners, work in a unique environment compared to other professions. They are not just clocking in from 9-5, rather they are working long hours and doing whatever they can to help grow their business.

We enjoy working with small business owners because we are one ourselves. We know some of the challenges you face when your business determines your income. Not to mention what to do when a key employee leaves unexpectedly, or when you are struggling to hire employees.

Whatever the case may be, We want to be in your corner to help you plan around these events so when you decide to pass down or sell your company, you will be ready and be able to enjoy the retirement you always wanted.

Did You Know...

SCORE, a mentoring organization that supports small business owners, notes that 34% of small business owners do not have retirement savings plans set up for themselves. Moreover, 40% of owners do not believe they will be able to retire by age 65.

To change this statistic here at the Stonebridge Group, we have created a service offering tailored just for small business owners.

We help with the following:

Employer Retirement Plans 

When it comes to setting up an employer-sponsored 401k, Simple IRA, or SEP IRA for your employees, you might have many questions. For instance, Will  it be affordable? What's the easiest way to set one up? How much of my time will a plan take up? We will help answer those questions and then some when you sit and have a conversation. By putting a retirement employer plan together you will not only be adding value to your employees, but add value to yourself as well by being able to put money away for your own retirement

Tax Planning 

Now we know you don’t have a choice about paying taxes, but if you are like most small business owners you are always looking for ways to help reduce your tax bill.

By specializing in tax planning we will help identify the tax-saving approaches that apply to your situation by working with you and your accountant throughout the year. 

Goals around Irregular income

With irregular income it can be hard to make sure you stick to your savings goals year after year. Some years will be better than others, but at the end of the day most small business owners goal is still to retire or not be forced to work all their life. By working together, we will help you create savings goals tailored to you and your business to make sure you start making the progress you want towards your retirement goals.

Financial Advice Designed for Mainstreet, not Wallstreet

We believe everyone deserves the right to financial advice. No minimums, no judgement, and no hassle.  We meet you were you are at in your financial journey, even from the comfort of your own home via video conferencing and paperless systems. 

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Not your Typical Advisor

We don't try to sell you the next big financial product, or confuse you with financial jargon you cant understand. We sit down with our clients and have deep conversations about what they want in their life and help them use money as a tool to help them get there. Our success is seeing you live your financial dream

About Us

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